Monday, 14 July 2014

Pre-engineered metal building system

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Pre-engineered metal building system is widely accepted across the globe as an efficient alternative to conventional buildings. It is the most affordable and flexible building system ideal for any low rise Industrial, Institutional or commercial application. The system offers excellent features such as speed, quality, strength and value making it the most preferred building system in the world. PEB, as the system is popularly known, offers many advantages: Strength & Durability, Lower Investment Costs, Environment friendly, Flexibility in expansion, Architectural versatility, Faster occupancy.

The synergy between the various building components in a simple Pre Engineered metal Building:
Exterior Cladding:
Exterior Cladding provide a weather tight envelope. Transfer Structural Loads i.e. wind & live loads to the supporting secondary framing.Provides lateral bracing to the roof purlins & wall girts.

Secondary Framing:
Purlins & girts receive loads from the roof & wall covering & transfer to the main building frame. Purlins & girts provide lateral bracing to the building columns & rafter preventing lateral bulking of the compression flanges.

Rigid or Main Frame:
Moment resisting frames provides lateral stability & transfer the roof & wall loads to the foundation through anchor bolts.

Wind Bracing:
Roof & wall cross bracing provides longitudinal stability to the building. Transfer of the wind loads acting on the building end walls to the foundation.


  1. All building and civil related work to must use for the pre engineering process is very well done to introduce. its call us for PEP. Majorly material is aluminium scaffolding for access and tools used for core work. Thanks for the opportunity. and Thanks Admin.

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