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We offer a wide range of tee grid suspension system, which is used to suspend GRG ceiling tiles to the ceiling. These have passed ASTM standard and is manufactured on the latest technology advance machines to ensure high quality. Further, our products are available in the following dimensions:
Tee grid: Main runner 3600mm Cross tee 600mm Wall angle 3000mm Sizes: 15mm Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel with 120 GSM coating Finish: Coil coated
Metacil Tee Grid is tested with salt spray test for 300hrs to ensure rust and corrosion free ceiling with long life and high durability and tensile strength.

Some of the features of our products are as follows: Fire Resistant: Our products are incorporated with fire norches to sustain ceiling at the time of fire. This fire notches have space to extend at the time of fire.
Load bearing demands of various ceiling systems and particular project requirement.
Installation advantage: The unique locking system between cross tee allows different patterns interchangeability allowing maintenance of less inventory.

Providing and fixing of Metacil 15mm/8mm Grg(glass reinforced gypsum)tile of 595*595mm with RH 95% and having the NRC Value at 0.4 with thermal conductivity of 0.45with 75% light reflection along with T Grid suspension system ie Main Runner 3600mm with 24mm*33mm*0.25thick. cross runner 1200/600 mm having the size 24mm*25mm*0.25mm and wall angle should be 24mm*19mm*0.4thick

The tiles are manufactured from GRG (glass reinforced gypsum) and comprise non-combustible gypsum casting plaster reinforced with a glassfibre membrane resulting in a lightweight, strong, naturally prestressed panel.

Surface finish
The plaster has a moulded fine, smooth or textured finish and may be supplied pre-decorated to order or with a natural finish. Dimensional tolerance plus or minus 0.5mm.
Tiles are of standard size of 600x600 on coverage basis and actual size is 595x595mm.

The tiles are available in 10 designs ,

High performance tiles can be designed for the most demanding applications where special environmental requirements are called for.
Physical Data : Material :
Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Surface :
Smooth, Woodengrain (available with factory applied Stain)
Edge : Tegular
Section Advantage, Durable, Non Combustible, Superior thermal, Asbestos Free, Don’t wrap, sag shrink, Excellent Light Reflectance, Good Acoustic Properties, Perfect Design and Finsih, Repaintable, Easy to install and clean

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